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WRK MLP Program

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Receiving the WRK MLP laptop is very helpful, I was taking the class on my phone or on my old computer that has no camera or sound.  I had to borrow headphones to listen and communicate - the camera is so old and separate from the pc that everything looks cloudy.  It was very uncomfortable to be able to interact with the teacher and classmates.  The WRK MLP changed everything, I can sit somewhere else, comfortably listen to the class and communicate.  I love how light it is and how fast it is.  I am very grateful for this great support to education.  My daughter and I are studying the QuickBooks course together, thus preparing ourselves for a better future and employment opportunities.


-Rosangelica de la Garza

Being able to have an instrument to study, such as a laptop, has been very beneficial for me. It is practical, light and fast. Perfect for the online Quickbooks classes I'm currently taking. It allows me to interact  with the teacher, classmates and practice as well. Prior to my enrollment in the WRK MLP program, I was using my phone for online classes.  My mother and I are part of the WRK MLP program, and thanks to that we can continue with our plans, until we reach our goal, which is, to obtain a decent and well-paid job.  I consider myself a lucky person to have a family support system that motivates me, allows me to advance in my professional career and grow as a person.  


- Mayhra  Hernandez

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