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Participatory learning


The WRK Mobile Learning Platform is delivered via internet connected devices and includes all the necessary support during the entire time the customer is enrolled in the program. We also use a Participatory Learning Process wherein enrolled customers are challenged throughout their program on utilizing learned competencies to resolve real world workplace issues. In a leader led participatory environment, our educational moderators will provide weekly workforce challenges that customers are required to address and offer feedback to other customers' resolutions to specific workplace issues. Customers receive feedback from the moderators based upon their discussion contributions.

Focused outcomes

The questions/issues presented are thematically related to the training content on their learning plan and are directed at invoking thought, utilizing their newly learned skills. This professionally designed process, led by Yohance Branch who holds a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, minoring in English from Northwestern University; facilitates real world application of these newly learned skills enabling better performance in the workplace. The focused outcome is producing individuals that are better equipped to deal with people holding differing opinions in life and in the work environment. We will continue to add valuable resources to our program offerings, including a consumer credit repair program. Our goal is to develop comprehensive solutions to help workforce participants become successful in developing self-sufficiency.


Specialized programs //

WIOA Out-of-school / in-school youth

The WRK Mobile Learning Platform can be customized to serve either Youth population. For Out-of-School Youth, learning programs include pre-vocational training with an increased focus on meaningful career readiness and are supported with an innovative approach when paired with our participatory learning process. The WRK Learning program puts realistic workforce and home life scenarios into a forum for learners to participate in as a group and individually. By creating customized scenarios based on the learning community's career path participants have the opportunity to tests their developing skills. With the addition of the community mentor, participants also have the opportunity to develop life skills and build on the recently acquired soft skills to prepare for a solid work/life balance. 

For In-school Youth, learning programs focus on career and post-secondary education preparedness (college, trade school, etc.) and include career exploration and planning. The college readiness pathway prepares participants with the necessary foundational academic skills commonly a part of college placement exams.

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Youth mentoring program

The Youth Mentoring Program can be added to facilitate guidance and support aiding in the long term success of Youth participants through one-to-one supportive long term relationships, whether transitioning to employment or post-secondary education. In combination with the CreditWRKs! Program, Youth will be well prepared for managing their work options and personal finances. Additionally, adult basic education and literacy curricula can be added to aid in training for adult, dislocated worker and Vocational Rehabilitation participants.


Specialized programs //

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

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Participants engaged with TANF programs can be enrolled in WRK Mobile Learning Platform to aid in meeting weekly participation requirements, workplace skills training, and/or employment. The WRK program can be customized by each funding stream requirement and down to the individuals' employment plan.


Specialized programs //

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

As the number of SNAP recipients increases across the country, assisting people in acquiring the needed job skills is paramount. WRK Mobile Learning Platform can provide the flexibility of delivering essential workplace skills and financial literacy training anywhere, anytime.

Grocery Shopping

Specialized programs //

WRK for Employers

At the Office

WRK for Employers is an employment driven customizable training curriculum addressing a variety of skills sets that many employers need their employees to possess in today's marketplace. From entry positions, to management, our Curriculum Developer will craft the training modules customized to each unique employer. A better trained workforce results in more efficient employee production and opportunities for career advancement and retention. Contact us today to learn more!

WRK for Employers
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