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40 Years in the Making

WRK uses technology and support to help Adults, Youth, Re-Entry customers, Veterans, and recipients of Health and Human Services assistance build the skills necessary to increase their employment marketability.

The WRK Monile Learning Platform was developed with a combined 40+ years of experience in serving customers of the workforce boards around the country and taking the lessons learned to create a unique training experience focused on getting people employed and become self-sufficient. The program can be tailored to serve participants in every program (funding stream) and down to the individual's unique needs and goals.

With a library of over 6,000 training courses, including financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, training tied to ONET classifications, and workplace skills, (to name a few) the WRK program offers one of the most comprehensive work ready solutions available today. Our team is ready and dedicated to furthering digital literacy in the economically disadvantaged regions of America.

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Meet the Team

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David Buchholz

President and Chief Executive Officer

David is the former Vice President of Business Access, and before then the Deputy Director of One-Stop Management, the contractor for Workforce Solutions Capital Area, in Austin Texas. Prior to entering workforce development he served as the licensed administrator of Pegasus Schools, Inc. and managed the Greater San Marcos Youth Council. Using his multiple decades of experience in workforce and private business, David created WRK to use the proven concepts that work and developed systems to address those that did not.


Jaime Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer

Jaime is the former Operations Manager of Business Access. Before transitioning into operations she managed the WIA - Out of School Youth program for Arbor Education and Training, the contractor for Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, and spent almost a decade working for the Texas Youth Commission. Jaime's experience in managing and directing the physical and technical functions of WRK ensures customers receive the strategic planning and coordination for a successful training program; while also working with the clients to give them the assistance to complete the program with the resources and tools needed to become gainfully employed and successful in the workforce.

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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Tim Furgerson

System Administrator

Tim is a Seasoned IT professional with an extensive background in Network and System Administration.  He has designed, installed, configured, and maintained secure and support hardware platforms, operating systems, network components and related products and technologies. He ensures that the up-time, performance, resources, customization, and security of our systems meet the needs of all of our customers.


Yohance Branch

Director of Training

Yohance has more than 15 years experience working in traditional and non-traditional education. Mr. Branch holds a B.S. in mathematics, M.S. in Leadership and Management Strategies and a M.S. in Educational Leadership. As Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Coordinator and campus administrator he opened a high school campus and led it to become the number one performing campus in its district.  Mr. Branch brings a wealth of experience and knowledge working with "at-risk" youth and adults. 

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Jeff Menking

Vice President of K - 12 Partnerships

Jeff is a former public school Assistant Superintendent and Professor at the Texas Lutheran University.  He is certified in Special Education, English as a Second Language, and Gifted and Talented, and earned the Special Education Administrator of the Year Award for Texas Region 13. With more than 30 years experience in the field of education, Mr. Menking uses his background working with the primary and secondary educational institutions to be the liaison between the public school system and the private sector.

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